saydesignUK Creative Solutions

 25+ Years’ Knowledge and Experience 

Strategic Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Conceptual development

Project marketing, structure and growth planning

Rebranding and business assessment

Event organisation

Branding and Development

Logo design in colour, black and white, for web, print and video

Brand identity including fonts, colours, logos, icons and photographic style and market exposure

Branding booklet with all information required to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to

Shop front redesign

Supporting materials as requested

Promotional and Marketing Materials

Digital and print solutions


Single and double sided flyers

Digital posts

Posters from A4 up to large format printing, for example, bus stops and billboards

Banners and larger format printing for venue fronts, city locations and events

Pull up banners and stands for exhibitions




Publishing – Print and Digital

Magazines, books, guides, event booklets; design and layout

Interactive and downloadable pdfs

Large format artworking

Outputting for print or web

Sourcing and editing images


Creating infographics

Web and Social Media

Website design and maintenance

Web content including animated graphics, images, banners and video

Social media setup and platform connect including Google business, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram

Social media management

Social media post materials including infographics

SEO integrations

Additional Skills and Interests

Creative writing; story telling and song lyrics



Video production and editing

Music production

Sound editing

Screen printing