Why does saydesignUK…

Our Social Mission

25+ years’ of intelligent branding, creative design and strategic thinking enables saydesignUK to catapult clients to their business best. We also have a social mission to support marginalised groups and non-profit organisations achieve their professional goals.

What does that mean to us?

It’s all about being a business for good and giving back to make a real positive contribution. Using our knowledge from the past to benefit the less advantaged people today, to help build a better business infrastructure to benefit communities and individuals in the future.

What does that mean to you?

We are all in it together. Every client that works with saydesignUK becomes a part of our social mission. Enabling us to support those less advantaged. It creates a network of support that reaches far and wide, becoming a part of a business that is making a positive change for our communities.

How do we do this?

saydesignUK supports several non-profit organisations and independent businesses run by people from marginalised groups.

We do this this by

  • Volunteering some free time to help with branding, marketing, strategic planning, and technical support
  • Mentoring volunteers so they can grow their skills and confidence to start building a future career
  • Giving a 25% discount on fees for non-profits and lower income individuals
  • Payment plans to spread costs, making goals more achievable
  • Free advice and technical support
  • Attending client meetings to see where we can contribute and support

What we want to achieve

  • Transform into a social enterprise design agency to be able to raise more funding to support these groups and individuals
  • Receive support and funding from established organisations
  • Donate 25% of our profits towards this support for others
  • Deliver mentoring courses and talks
  • Establish pathways to increase support of independent businesses

How We Support

Kennedy St CiO

A charity set up to support individuals and families effected by addiction to help them on their road to recovery.

saydesignUK is a recognised sponsor and offers support in many different ways includes:

  • Website build and development
  • Marketing materials, e-books and promotional visuals
  • Logos and icons
  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Brainstorming creative concepts including fundraising and social media strategies
  • Mentoring other volunteers with creative ambitions
  • Video tutorials for Mailchimp, WordPress and social media
  • On-call tech support

Testimonial from Clare Kennedy, CEO

“Well, I’d like to start by saying how blessed we are to have such a fabulous creative businesswoman onboard.  Whilst this pandemic has seen some charities close down, the need for our services has sadly skyrocketed, so we have had to develop a vast amount of new virtual recovery support platforms, literally overnight. Without Stephanie’s support, none of it would have been possible. So, to say we recommend saydesignUK would be an understatement.”

Tarner Community Project

A charity based in Tarner Park, Brighton, dedicated to supporting the local community and providing all year-round activities for children and young people.

We give our non-profit clients a 25% discount on fees to help support their cause. The work we have undertaken includes:

  • New Youth Club branding identity and all supporting marketing materials
  • Promotional visuals for events
  • Updating social media platforms
  • Website design, build and management
  • Delivering tutorials for staff including Mailchimp and adding website content