Terms & Conditions


  • Per hour
  • Per half day – 4 hours
  • Per day – 7 hours
  • Per project
  • Bespoke quotations and packages available upon request

Jobs can be quoted as a whole based within a maximum number of hours at the standard hourly rate. Prices include a set amount of amendments and design costs only unless otherwise stated. Images and copy to be supplied by the client where possible. Does not include additional purchases including stock images, hosting, domain names, printing costs, creating / including additional content and additional amendments / pages. Additional costs due to these factors will be added to the final invoice for the client to pay in full. The included amount of amendments must be implemented within the maximum number of hours set. If this is exceeded the client will be made aware that an extra cost may be necessary.

Monthly Retainers: 
A good choice for regular clients to avoid large invoices and maintain regular accounts. Secure a discounted hourly retainer rate for retainers over £400 per month. Outline primary and secondary workloads to add value to your business and avoid downtime. Get priority projects. Agreed set monthly payments to be reviewed every 6 months. Payments to be paid monthly in advance by direct debit. Please ask for more details info@saydesign.co.uk

Bookings and Cancellations:
A days booking is based on a 7 hour working day. A day rate may be based on an hourly rate, but the day is booked as a whole. If on a day booking the client chooses to finish early or hasn’t assigned enough work to fill day’s booking, the client will be billed for the full booking.

Cancellations on booking required a notification period of 48 hours in writing. Without this notice period a cancellation fee of 50% of the original booking fee will be added to the final invoice for the client to pay in full.

If a period of time is booked but days are flexible, the set amount of days will still be payable – i.e. 20 days in a period of a month varying from 3 – 5 days a week – The client will be invoiced for a minimum of 20 days for that month.

Should Stephanie Young need to take any personal time off during the day’s booking, the time taken will be deducted from the final invoice based on the agreed hourly rate.

If pulled off a quoted project to work on another project, this time will be and additional charged at the standard hourly rate.

Discounted Packages and Promotions: 
Discounted packages to include different factors such as logo design, print and social media materials can be quoted as a whole.

Discounts and promotions are given on the understanding that all work listed will be carried out by Stephanie Young in full. All discounted bookings to be secured with a deposit and a signed project agreement.

Overtime is 1.5 of the agreed hourly rate. This includes weekends, bank holidays, working hours outside of 9-6pm Monday-Friday and any time over 7.5 hours. This overtime will be added to the final invoice for the client to pay in full.

Project Agreement:
All project agreements sent to the client to be amended or signed and returned within 5 working days from the date of the project agreement. Once signed the client accepts the terms, conditions, responsibilities and payments stated within the project agreement. Work will not commence until this has been signed and the required deposits paid. Any ongoing work outside of the initial project agreement with be charged at the standard hourly rate for the client to pay in full.

25% – 50% of the estimated subtotal will be required prior to work commencing. All further payments will be logged by the hours worked and invoiced every month until work is completed. Any rolling hours outside of the initial agreement will be charged at the standard hourly rate for the client to pay in full.

saydesignUK may work for different clients within same field of business. All client and business information remain confidential and will not be cross shared. This includes exclusive content; imagery, copy and design templates. saydesignUK does not offer a free of charge full client exclusivity policy. Should the client feel there is a direct conflict of interests and want to accelerated exclusivity, this can be discussed, and any agreements are to be signed by both parties. Any fees from the client to paid in advance before work commences.


saydesignUK acknowledges there may be disclosure of information that relates to the client’s business. This includes customers, staff and clients, marketing plans, project information, financial documents and business structures. saydesignUK agrees to protect this information and keep confidential from outside parties.

saydesignUK also requests the same commitment of confidentiality from the client, with the addition of agreements between the client and saydesignUK relating to total hours of work and/or volunteering, rates of pay and/or any financial or quid pro quo arrangements. These details should not be disclosed to any 3rd parties.

saydesignUK will retain permission to display any materials worked on and promote any services given unless outlined by the client in our signed agreement.

Permissions and Releases

Any and all materials the client supplies to saydesignUK are under the responsibility of the client to ensure they have been given permission to use and are not breaking any common laws, copyrights, trademarks, breach of license or general agreements between external parties.

Any images that are to be replicated or used on a product for resale will need the relevant license. This is the responsibility of the client when supplying images.

The Client agrees to indemnify and hold saydesignUK harmless against any and all claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, due to materials included in the design materials at the request of the Client for which no copyright permission or privacy release was requested, or for which uses exceed the uses allowed pursuant to a permission or release.

Website Builds:
Redesign and new builds range from £800 – £2,000 dependent on content and hosting requirements. Quotations available upon request. Features available include installing theme, hosting, domain and email transfer and setup. Video embedding and editing. Image sourcing and editing. SEO keywords and social media links. Updating or creating social media platforms. Google business, analytics and console. Installing plugins including Wordfence security, Updraft backup and Squirrly SEO.

Hosting, SSL, Domain name and email packages start from £200. These items can be individually costed to the client’s needs.

Services such as Google Business set up and Social media setup packages start from £120. These items can be individually costed to the client’s needs.

Any additional purchases will be added to the final invoice. All web ready copy, social media and google logins and links, plus any specific images etc. to be supplied by the client where possible (please refer to Permissions and Releases). Any additional services and requests outside of the agreement, such as copywriting, further image sourcing, social media consistency setups and video editing, will be logged and charged at the agreed hourly rate.

Invoicing & Payments:
Payments to be received in full by the stated Bank Clearance Date provided in invoice. Payment of invoices must not exceed 30 days without prior notice. Late payment may result in late payment fee of 10% per day and/or court action. Invoices for active projects will be issued for hours worked every 30 days.

If a payment, payment plan or monthly retainer has been agreed but payments are late or not received the active project/s will be placed on hold until such payments are received. Payments within an agreed plan may be required to be paid in full if payments are missed or late to continue the work. Payments in a monthly retainer are to be paid by direct debit in advance.

If a client wishes to cancel the agreed active project, the total amount of unpaid hours will be invoiced at the standard hourly rate. Once this outstanding payment has been received saydesignUK will supply the client with the associated files. A five working day notification period prior to cancellation is required.

Additional Costs:
Any additional work, updates or work exceeding the agreed hours and/or amendments will logged and charged at the standard hourly rate. Should at any time costs exceed the quoted amount, the client will be made aware of this. These additional costs will be added to the final invoice for the client to pay in full.

If the completion of a project is held up due to incorrect or non-supply of artwork, images, copy or information from the client, the additional hours worked will be charged at the standard hourly rate and added onto the final invoice for the client to pay in full.

The cost of couriers, travel and materials etc. may be charged to the client. Any images, illustrations and fonts etc. purchased to complete a project will be added to the final invoice to be paid in full by the client.

Use of images:
Any images that are to be replicated or used on a product for resale will need the relevant license. This is the responsibility of the client when supplying images. The client will be held solely responsible for any breach of license.

Signed Off:
The client is responsible to check all final artwork including that the information, images and hyperlinks are correct and that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. saydesignUK is NOT liable once the client has signed off artwork.

Once the client has confirmed signed off in writing, the responsibility of the artwork is transferred to the client. Any mistakes or amendments required after sign off are liable to the client and not saydesignUK.

If artwork needs to be reprinted this cost will be covered by the client. Any additional working hours required to make further amendments and resupplying of artwork will be chargeable at the standard hourly rate and the client will be invoice for such works. Invoices are to be paid in full either in advance or with in a 30 day period.

All artwork remains the property of saydesignUK and Stephanie Young until payment is received in full. If payment isn’t received within the time period stated on the invoice, all materials will be required to be recalled and withdrawn within 30 days of payment due on invoice and removed for all mediums and third parties where supplied. This will remain in place until permission to use said materials is given in writing by Stephanie Young and payment is received in full as stated on the invoice supplied to the client.

If materials are continued to be used after recall, court action will be processed.

Any materials recalled due to failure of payment may not be copied, amended or reproduced in terms of photography, illustration, typography, design and layout. New, original and alternative artwork will need to be created / commissioned by the client.